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Last Updated: Saturday, 28 April 2007, 15:40 GMT 16:40 UK
In pictures: Kent earthquake

An elderly woman is led away by police in Folkestone, Kent

An earthquake with a magnitude of at least 4.3 shook parts of Kent on Saturday, damaging buildings and causing some residents to be evacuated.

Staff at the British Geological Survey look at a seismogram

The British Geological Survey said the tremor, which occurred at 0819 BST, had its epicentre in the Dover Straits.

A woman rubbing her eye near damage in Folkestone

Residents of Folkestone reported hearing loud rumbling noises and feeling houses sway from side to side.

Firefighter by crumbling chimney in Folkestone, Kent

Homes suffered structural damage including cracked walls and falling chimneys.

Damaged car in Folkestone, Kent

And a number of cars were damage by falling masonry. The Association of British Insurers said the cost of repairs should be covered by any comprehensive motor insurance.

People in street in Folkestone, Kent

Afterwards, people gathered in the street to share their experiences. Others went to a local church for shelter and refreshments.

Firefighters in street in Folkestone, Kent

The worst affected streets in Folkestone were Blackbull Road, Marshall Street, Bradstone Road and Pavilion Road, according to Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

Firemen in Folkestone after an earthquake

Experts said it was the largest earthquake in the UK since one in Dudley in the West Midlands in 2002.

A Folkestone resident speaking on her mobile phone

The fire service took more than 200 emergency calls, from people concerned about issues ranging from structural damage to gas smells.

Bricks and debris on a street in Folkestone, Kent

Electricity supplies to most of the several thousand homes left without power in the Folkestone and Dover area after the earthquake have been restored.

Residents of Folkestone sit in the street

Residents moved outside to survey any damage caused to their homes and because of fears of possible aftershocks.

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