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In pictures: Estonia clashes

Police fire tear gas to disperse protesters

There were violent clashes in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, as police removed a controversial World War II memorial to Red Army soldiers.

The bronze statue of the soldier

Officials are moving the statue to a military cemetery because they say it acts as a focus for both Estonian and Russian nationalism.

Protesters form a chain around the statue on 22 April 2007

The move has sparked angry protests from some members of Estonia's ethnic Russian minority, who say it honours those who fought the Nazis and should not be moved.

Police seal off the area around the monument

On Thursday, crowds gathered at the site as police arrived to seal it off ahead of the statue's removal.

Police face protesters in Tallinn

Police used tear gas and water cannon as the protest turned violent. One person was killed and more than 40 injured in the clashes.

Looters break into an alcohol shop in Tallinn

Looting and vandalism were also reported at shops around the memorial.

A pro-Russian activist protests outside the Estonian embassy in Moscow on 26 April 2007

Russia has reacted angrily to the statue's removal, with lawmakers calling for diplomatic ties between the two countries to be suspended.

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