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Naidex 2007 - the highlights

Photo of the Tanni & Anni collection

Rackety's is known for funky and accessible children's clothing. It is now working with former paralympian, Tanni Grey-Thompson, on a range of adaptive clothing for adults.

Photo of the Vocally Dialler

For those who find it difficult to use the phone or remember numbers, the Vocally Dialler from Madhouse Software adds speech recognition to any phone even cordless models.

Photo of the Alertacall phone

Alertacall takes people monitoring a step further. If a special button is not pressed by an agreed time, the user is rung. If they fail to respond, three nominated people will be alerted.

Photo of the Neptune Bath lift with alert button.

People with alarm pendants remove them before bathing. The Mountway Neptune Lift includes an alert button so help can be summoned while in the bath.

Photo of the Triton body dryer

Once out of the bath or shower, the next thing is to get dry. This body dryer from Triton will completely dry someone in 3 minutes - an industry first according to the manufacturer.

Photo of the Acheeva learning station

The Acheeva is is designed for children who need to be supine, prone or lying on their side to be fully included in classroom activities. Height and angle can be easily adjusted.

Photo of the Resistance Chair

The Resistance Chair lets people exercise while seated. It's for those recovering from knee or hip replacements or with conditions such as heart disease, MS and Parkinson's Disease.

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