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In pictures: Goods banned in Europe

teddy bear

The bear can be unzipped, putting a child at risk of choking on the filling, or being cut by the sharp mechanism attaching the heart. Made: China. Alert raised: Poland.


This mini-motorbike is rated "extremely dangerous". The chain is exposed, electric wiring could ignite fuel and there is no speed-limiting device. Made: China. Alert raised: UK.

Skin cream

This cream for oily skin, made from birch trees, contains a fungus which presents a "serious bacteriological risk". Made: Ukraine. Alert raised: Estonia.

Counterfeit superman toy

This counterfeit superman toy could poison a child, because the paint contains 20 times the permitted level of migratable lead. Made: China. Alert raised: UK.

novelty lighters

These cigarette lighters may be attractive to under-fives, who could burn themselves or start a fire. Made: China. Alert raised: UK.


These nightlights, plugged into a low-level socket, would be at the right height to shock or burn a child. The plug has no fuse, and the lamp gets hot. Made: China. Alert raised: UK.

teddy bear

Emma Big Nose Bear's clothes fastenings, which came off during testing, are of a size a child could choke on. Made: China. Alert raised: Finland.


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