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In pictures: Icon Welsh gateways

Postcard to Wales by Tonkin Lui

In this design, a giant postcard of Wales would rise up out of the River Dee and straddle the motorway. Inside the postcard there would be stairs and a lift for visitors.

Red Linear by Graham Massic Architects

Red Linear would be the tallest timber structure in the UK and would form an integral part of the pedestrian network on the banks of the River Dee.

The Sentinels by Patricia Leighton and Del Geist

This design would comprise of seven steel towers, standing 60 to 110 feet high above the River Dee. They could be viewed from the A494/A550.

Wing design

Wings for the Earth by MacGregor Smith and Richard Harris would be at a site off the A550 at the Flintshire/Cheshire border and intends to be an "uplifting, welcoming vision".

Pobl of Wales

Ever changing faces on two 69 foot tall monoliths, with a radio station playing special audio for motorists passing on the M4. Pobl of Wales is by Atelier Bruckner

Acconci Studio design

This concept for Flintshire would be "a new city" which would "stand on stilts" and be self-sustaining by producing wind

Dragon's Egg by Amber and Pearl

Twenty metres high and entirely coloured with glowing translucent enamels, this structure would hover over the landscape near the second Severn crossing.

The Red Cloud by Barfield

According to its designers, the idea of the Red Cloud near the second Severn Crossing is to create a community of "compatriots" in the sky.

Janet Echelman's untitled design

Janet Echelman's untitled design, a "physical manifestation" of Welsh being spoken, would greet motorists as they crossed over the River Severn

Dragon Mist Transfer

This metal and light tower 20 metres above the Severn Tunnel Rail Station will provide visitors with views across the river Severn.

The Celtic Knot by Atkins Global

Cast in stainless steel and bonze-coloured aluminium, the Celtic Knot's appearance is designed to differ from every angle. It would stand in Holyhead harbour.

Untitled by Atelier Seraji Architects

Designers wanted to create a public meeting space with this design which they hope will change the image of the inner harbour area in Holyhead.

Y Tri Maenhir by Ian Ritchie Architects

The design team behind Y Tri Maenhir would combine locally sourced granite and 21st Century engineering technology to create this striking vertical landmark.

The Sleeping Lord by Paul Bradley and Juame Plensa

The 12 metre high figure standing in Holyhead inner harbour, would be made up of 1000 high stainless steel letters taken from the Welsh mythological texts.

By Adams-Beleschenko/Jonathan Adams

The design for this glass and steel tower at Holyhead features two layers, one of which moves up and down slowly with the tide

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