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In pictures: Acid rain factory

Norilsk smoke

The giant industrial complex at Norilsk, in Russia's remote Artic region, is accused of being world's largest producer of acid rain.

Cables in Norilsk

Foreigners are usually forbidden from entering the secretive region.

Norilsk mine

Ore extracted from Norilsk mines produces a rich mix of metals including nickel, copper, palladium, platinum, gold and silver, but it also contains a large amount of sulphur.

Sergei Romanov

Chief engineer Sergei Romanov shows a small piece of ore at one of the smelters.

Norilsk grave

The metal industry in Norilsk was built from scratch by prison labourers of Stalin's brutal Gulag.

Norilsk streets

Norilsk residents go about their lives as the smelters pour smoke on to the city.

Norilsk woods

Many of the trees near the smelters have been killed off by acid rain or other pollutants.

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