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Last Updated: Saturday, 31 March 2007, 11:38 GMT 12:38 UK
In pictures: Hollywood blaze

Smoke billows above the Hollywood hills

A fire allegedly started by two teenagers shrouded parts of Los Angeles in thick black smoke, threatening Hollywood film studios and the iconic hillside sign.

Girls look at plume of smoke rising

Nobody is believed to have been hurt by the blaze, which sent a giant plume of smoke into the sky. (Picture sent by reader David Freid)

People watch the fire from Mulholland Drive

Onlookers watched helplessly as the blaze spread over an area of 150 acres.

Woman looks at the fire from a roof

Some took to rooftops to get a better look at the dramatic spectacle.

Firefighter tackles the blaze

It took firefighters several hours to put out the flames from the ground and from the air.

Firefighting helicopter above the fire

A firefighting helicopter dumped water on the blaze, which took hold after an exceptionally dry winter left the land parched.

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