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In pictures: Suburban parakeets

Marthe de Ferrer

Parakeets add a tropical splash of colour to suburban Britain. Some say they are a menace to native birds, but Marthe de Ferrer, 13, who sent this, is clearly charmed by them.

Colin Mackenzie

Colin Mackenzie, of south London, says parakeets, originally from India, have been a fixture in his garden for five years. "They eat from our bird-feeder. This one seems to be a baby."

Emilia and Jerzy Chudzicki, South Ruislip

Flocks of up to six parakeets visit Emilia Chudzicki's South Ruislip garden every day. "They are so used to us that they come to dine even if we're out in the garden."

John Trigg

And they've taken over John Trigg's Stanmore garden. "They oust the goldfinches, greenfinches, tits and chaffinches - but the small birds are always back as soon as there's room."

Steve Phillips

While out strolling in Richmond Park a week ago, Steve Phillips spotted 20 pairs, including this parakeet resting high in the treetops.

Henrik Madsen, Kingston-Upon-Thames

Brightening up a dull November day are these parakeets in Kingston-Upon-Thames, snapped by Henrik Madsen.

David Woosnam

Springtime means gardens are getting more colourful, like this visitor. "Here's one enjoying lunch in our neighbour's garden in West Wickham, Kent," says David Woosnam.

Doug Beaton

Who needs a water feature? "Although they squawk, we see them as an interesting addition to the garden," says Doug Beaton of Leatherhead, Surrey.

Snow, Tricia Ryder

Abundant food, from feeders and from winter berries, mean the birds can thrive even when it snows, as this picture from Tricia Ryder shows.

Rina Trap

Not every parakeet-watcher is a fan. "They are normally a gang of four in my south London garden. And not always the kindest of creatures," says Rina Trap.


While parakeets tend to live in the south east of England, here's one in Edinburgh, sent by Kenny Nelson.


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