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In pictures: Camouflage exhibition

Camouflaged German steel helmet from World War I (image: Imperial war Museum)

The exhibition features a German World War I steel helmet painted in disrupted pattern.

British World War I sniper's suit (image: Imperial war Museum)

Elaborate camouflage smocks were created for snipers during World War I.

Italian World War II camouflage jacket (image: Imperial war Museum)

Italy led the way with mass-produced camouflage uniforms from the late 1920s.

World war I British dummy heads (image: Imperial war Museum)

Papier-mache dummy heads were used by the French and British to trick snipers in the trenches.

The HM Mauretania enters port at Liverpool (image: Imperial war Museum)

The harlequin Dazzle pattern on the HM Mauretania is one of the most striking at the exhibition.

Rubber feet developed by Britain's SOE  (photo taken by permission of Imperial War Museum)

Britain's World War II Special Operations Executive developed these rubber feet for agents landing on beaches.

Jean-Paul Gaultier camouflage dress

This Gaultier dress is on show at the exhibition along with art by Andy Warhol and others.

An "urban camouflage" costume from David Byrne's film True Stories (photo taken by permission of Imperial War Museum)

"Urban camouflage" costumes from David Byrne's film True Stories make a surreal exhibition even more so.


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