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In pictures: School Report

Students research news on the internet

More than 100 schools across the country have been taking part in the BBC's School Report day. One of them was Charles Edward Brooke Girls' School in Lambeth, south London.

Students research news stories in the daily papers

Their first job was to read the newspapers and decide which they thought were the most interesting stories. Not an easy task on a day when the Budget dominated every front page.

One student searches for images to illustrate her news report

Once they had a story in mind, pupils used the internet to find out more. They also searched for images online to illustrate their work.

A BBC mentor guides the group

A BBC mentor gave some of the girls help to do vox pops - short interviews with their classmates and teachers on the burning topic of the day.

A student writes out the questions the group will ask interviewees

The question they asked was: "Should children be made to stay at school until they are 18?"

The students reflect upon the choice of reports they will pursue

The students had to gather a range of views from different age groups and needed all their charm to encourage interviewees to give more than just a yes or no answer.

One group set off to conduct interviews

Farzana, Taslima and Tania conducted their vox pops in the school corridors to make sure they had some background noise to set the scene for listeners.

Recording interviews

They were helped by Anna, one of the roving reporters. She had been trained to use the recording equipment and knew how to get the best quality sound.

Recording interviews

Once they had gathered the raw material, the girls chose their best pieces to submit for editing.

In a recording studio the group edit the sound they have recorded

And finally in the recording studio, their raw material was edited on computer to produce a finished audio package.

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