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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 March 2007, 23:11 GMT
In pictures: Hungary protests

Demonstrators in costume

Nationalists in Budapest marked the anniversary of Hungary's 1848 revolution, with most involved in purely peaceful protests.

Protester with cardboard cutout of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany

The main target was Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, under attack since admitting he lied about the country's finances.

Security guards protect senior politicians from missiles with umbrellas

At official celebrations, protesters threw missiles at government politicians.

David Irving signs Hungarian-language version of his book

Separate from the main demonstration, far-right groups welcomed British historian David Irving, recently jailed in Austria for Holocaust denial.

Crowds gather for evening demonstration

Later, crowds grew following the arrest of right-wing politician Gyorgy Budahazy.

Riot police

Police considered the evening protest illegal, and moved in to break it up.

Protesters set up barricades

Barricades were set up to obstruct the police.

Protesters burn barricades made out of rubbish bins

Some threw bottles and stones, and set fire to overturned rubbish bins.

Wter cannon fired on demonstrators

Police responded with water cannon as they attempted to clear the city centre.

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