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In pictures: Bush Brazil visit

Protesters burn dummy of President Bush

Mr Bush's visit to Brazil has sparked angry protests.

Man dressed as tree protesting outside President Bush's hotel

This man is demonstrating against deforestation of the Amazon, which he fears will increase with a US-Brazil biofuels deal signed during the trip.

Police guarding Mr Bush's hotel

A heavy police presence has kept demonstrators away from Mr Bush.


The security operation involved helicopters flying over the president's hotel.

President Bush inspect Petrobras bio-fuels facility

Meanwhile Mr Bush visited a bio-fuels facility with his Brazilian counterpart Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

Farmers with the Landless Movement march with sugar cane

Thousands of people took part in a demonstration on Thursday, to mark Mr Bush's arrival.

Police tackle demonstrators

Trouble broke out after a small group threw sticks and rocks at police, witnesses said.

Police fire tear gas

Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets towards demonstrators.

Protester is wrested to the ground

They also used batons to subdue the protesters. Twenty people were injured, most of them police.

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