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Your pictures: Potholes

Gordon Meldrum's photo of a road in Letham, Angus

A campaigner in West Yorkshire calling himself the Yellow Pimpernel ringed potholes in his area with yellow paint. Gordon Meldrum says things are just as bad in Letham, Angus.

Measuring a pothole in Wells, Somerset. By Colin Williams

Colin Williams says this pothole in the Wells area of Somerset measures 6 ft (1.8m) by 3 ft (91cm) by 5 ins (13cm) deep and caused 900 worth of damage to his car.

Pot holes in Bournemouth by Simon Bell

Studland Road in Alum Chine, Bournemouth, is more of a survival course than a public highway, according to Simon Bell. He says short-term repairs have proved ineffective.

Erray Road in Tobermory by Marilyn Laverty

This pot hole in Erray Road, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, is near a school and is extremely dangerous, says Marilyn Laverty. She claims there are lots of roads like this in the area.

Potholes on the A809 in East Dunbartonshire, by Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson's daughter says she almost crashed her car on A809 in East Dunbartonshire, where this photo was taken. The speed limit here is 60mph.

A pothole photographed by Ajit Bavlecha

This pothole is one of several outside Ajit Bavlecha's house in Sudeley Avenue, Leicester. He says the holes gather sharp objects like nails and screws which have punctured car tyres.

A pothole in Wokingham photographed by Nigel Crow

Nigel Crow hit this pothole in Wokingham travelling at 30mph causing 800 of damage to his car. He wrote off two alloy wheels and two tyres. The pothole is as deep as his ankle.

Peter Wright from Argyll sent this picture of a single track road in Argyll.

Peter Wright from Argyll sent a photo of a pothole on a single track road just south of Dalavich. He says this sort of damage to the road is not that uncommon in Argyll.

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