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In pictures: Kosovo cadets

The sign above the academy's entrance

The academy has been part of the Kosovo Protection Corps training centre since 2005.

A view out of an academy window on to Pristina

The training centre is located on the campus of Pristina University and overlooks the city.

Capt Berat Shala, head of the academy

Citadel-trained Capt Berat Shala, seen here in the sports hall, commands the academy.

Blerand Hasanaj in his room

Blerand Hasanaj, who shares a room with a fellow cadet, says he has got used to the tough regime.

A supervisor inspects the room of cadet Blerand Hasanaj

Supervisors inspect the cadets' rooms, which looked spick and span when BBC News visited.

Arbresha Brahmani, cadet

Female cadets like Arbresha Brahmani undergo the same regime, with just a fraction more privacy in their dorms.

Portrait of Adem Jashari on the Boro and Ramiz sports centre in Pristina

From the top of the central sports centre, a portrait of KLA hero Adem Jashari looks over the city.

Mural of Hamez Jashari in the academy building

His brother Hamez Jashari is commemorated up at the Kosovo Protection Corps training centre with this mural.

Cadets lower the flag in the daily 1800 ceremony

The normal study day ends at 1800 when the cadets line up for the lowering of the flag.

Cadets do press-ups after the lowering of the flag

Then it is a session of press-ups in the courtyard before the future officers get their dinner.

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