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Your pictures: Lunar eclipse

Andrew Hutchinson, taken in Glen Turret, Perthshire

The lunar eclipse provided a spectacular sight. During totality, the moon appeared bathed in a bronze glow as this image by Andrew Hutchinson shows.

Sequence taken near Leeds, UK

As the moon moved through the stages of the eclipse, George Lovely took this series of images from which he created a montage.

Eclipse from the Algarve

This picture by Francis Williamson in the Algarve, Portugal, shows the umbra stage of the eclipse.

Images from Alan Wadsworth, Cambridgeshire

During the lunar eclipse, captured here by Alan Wadsworth, the earth blocks the sunlight which normally bounces off the moon.

Eclipse from Canary Wharf

William Cooper captured the eclipse over Canary Wharf, London.

Eclipse from Pondicherry

The phenomenon was also visible from India, as this photo by Soham Shoney in Pondicherry shows.

Moon from Pagham, West Sussex, England

Gavin Clarke took this colourful image while celebrating his 41st birthday on a beach in West Sussex, England.

Image taken in by 17-year-old Matt Ohman, in Yatton, North Somerset, UK

The same moon appears almost lit from behind in North Somerset in this image taken by 17-year-old Matt Ohman.

Eclipse in Whitburn, Scotland

Andrew Cairns, in West Lothian, Scotland, captured the redness of the moon during totality.

Umbra from Zurich

This picture by Ernst Schuetz in Zurich, Switzerland, was taken soon after totality.

Taken by Duncan Danks, Gloucestershire, UK

Duncan Danks captured this pearly moon from his observatory in Gloucestershire, England.


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