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Your pictures: Trabants around the world

Trabant car painted onto the Berlin wall

David McLynn from Bedford sent this photo of a Trabant painted onto the Berlin wall. He thinks it was taken in 1989.

Trabant limo

The stylish way to travel in Prague - in a Trabant limousine! Photo: Peter Burnage

Trabants preparing for race

Gearing up for an exciting Trabant race in the middle of Hungary in Dec 2005. Photo: Faissal Tahiri, Paris.

Trabant milk tanker

They might be slow, inefficient and noisy, but this Trabant in east Germany has a lot of bottle. Photo: Bernie Kaval

Flower-covered Trabant

Flower power: Geraint Whitley says, "Good camouflage - what you need if you are going to drive one.". Photo: Geraint Whitley

Trudi the Trabant

Simon Banwell travelled "from Berlin to Banjul in a Trabi called Trudi." But even Trudi needed work en route to stay completely in the pink. Photo: Simon Banwell

Father and son Trabants

A chip off the old block: Colin Maclean from Lanarkshire says, "the blue one is mine, the mustard-coloured one is my father's."

Horse-drawn Trabant, Bulgaria

"Trabi was a popular car during the communist era and is still being used in one way or another" - Vioelta Dishkova, Bulgaria

A blue Trabant

Peter Trabi sent this photo of a 'hot' Trabi with a sense of humour. You can send your pictures to yourpics@bbc.co.uk

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