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In pictures: Vanuatu's cargo cult

Flag-raising ceremony in Tanna

Villagers on the South Pacific island of Tanna in Vanuatu have been marking the 50th anniversary of the worship of a mystical figure.

Men march at cargo cult ceremony in Tanna

Men parade in old US army uniforms with wooden weapons as a giant Stars and Stripes flutters in the background.

Boy salutes at cargo cult ceremony in Tanna

Some go bare-chested with the letters USA painted in red on their bodies.

Marching band at cargo cult ceremony in Tanna

Among the tunes played during the ceremony is the Star Spangled Banner.

Chief Isaac (in blue) and commanders

Worshippers, led by Chief Isaac Wan, believe the cult of John Frum will one day bring them wealth and happiness.

Boy ties US flags to a bush in Tanna

This cargo cult is thought to have originated with war-time GIs who introduced themselves as "Jon from America".

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