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In pictures: Chinese New Year

Drummers at Ditan Park Temple Fair in Beijing, China

The Lunar New Year is being celebrated by Chinese communities around the world as the year of the pig is ushered in.

Dragon dance in Manila, Philippines, Chinatown district

The colour red, loud noises and fearsome dancing dragons help ward off evil spirits that might appear on New Year's Eve.

Crowded train in China

Every year at this time, China's transport network is stretched to the breaking point as hundreds of millions of people fulfil the duty to return to their hometowns.

Girl holds stuffed pig at Ditan Park Temple Fair in Beijing, China

The year of the pig is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity. This time it is a golden pig year, especially auspicious, which comes around only every 60 years.

Shopkeeper lights string of firecrackers in Kaili, China

Firecrackers are a regular feature of celebrations as the loud noise is meant to frighten evil spirits and bring good luck.

Incense is lit at a temple in Taipei, Taiwan

Incense is lit and prayers are said to welcome the new year and encourage longevity at Chinese temples like this one in Taipei, Taiwan.

Girl next to giant 2008 Olympics mascots at Ditan Park Temple Fair in Beijing, China

Amidst all the celebrations, China has not forgotten it is hosting the Olympics in 2008, as this little girl meets the official mascots at Beijing's Ditan Park temple fair.

China ushers in year of the pig
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