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In pictures: Anne Frank family papers

Photo of Anne Frank with her older sister Margot and her father Otto, on display at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Researchers have discovered a previously unknown cache of papers related to Anne Frank (centre), one of the most famous victims of the Holocaust.

Letter dated 30 April 1941 from Otto Frank to his friend Nathan Straus, redacted to protect family members' privacy. (YIVO Institute for Jewish Research)

The documents show that Otto Frank tried to get his daughters Margot and Anne out of Nazi-occupied Europe before it was too late. He wrote to a friend in the US for help.

Letter dated July 1941 from Nathan Straus to Otto Frank.

The friend, Nathan Straus, tells Frank he is trying to help - but for visas, they must get from Amsterdam to an American Consul in Portugal, Spain, France or Switzerland.

Letter from Augusta Mayerson of the National Refugee Service to Nathan Straus dated Oct. 1941. (YIVO Institute of Jewish Research)

Straus also turned to the National Refugee Service, a private organisation, to try to aid the Frank family.

Internal memo of the National Refugee Service dated October 1941. (YIVO Institute for Jewish Research)

But the service privately doubted whether the US would give visas to children whose parents remained behind in occupied Europe.

Dutch Jewish Council memo dated October 1941. (YIVO Institute of Jewish Research)

The Dutch Jewish Council also tried to help, seeking a way to get Otto Frank to neutral Cuba.

National Refugee Service memo dated October, 1945, after the end of the war, saying Otto Frank has been found but his wife is dead and his daughters Margot and Anne are missing.

All efforts to get the family out failed, and they went into hiding in 1942. They were discovered and sent to concentration camps. Only Otto survived.


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