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North America blizzards: Your pictures

Snowfall in Ontario, Canada: photo from Harry Cardwell

Readers sent in their photos of recent heavy snowfall across North America. Harry Cardwell in Ontario cleared a path through 2ft (60cm) of snow.

Snowfall in New Mexico, USA: photo from Alison Grainger

"No barbeque tonight," said New Mexico resident Alison Grainger with more than 12inches (30cm) of snowfall.

Car buried in snow in Ohio: photo from Tom Chatterton

Tom Chatterton in Ohio sent this photo of his car. "I hope I get it out by spring," he said.

Snow clearing in Brooklyn, NYC: photo from Adrian Kinloch

Adrian Kinloch sent this image of snow clearing operations in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Ice on tree branches in Ohio: photo from Scot Matkovich

Frozen tree branches in Cincinnati as seen by Scot Matkovich.

Snowfall in Hamilton, Ontario: photo from Tricia Ward

Tricia Ward's back garden in Hamilton, Ontario after 24 hours of continuous snow.

A lorry forced off the road in Illinois: photo from Richie Gardner

Richie Gardner found driving conditions treacherous on the Interstate 57 in Illinois...

A lorry slides off Interstate 57 in Illinois: photo from 'Richie'

..."We lost count of the number of trucks and cars at the side of the road," he said.

Lake Ontario, Canada: photo from Chris Adams

Chris Adams took this photo of Lake Ontario in Canada after 3 feet (90cm) of snow fell in 18 hours.

Frozen Lake Ontario at Oakville: photo from Huw Jones

Parts of Lake Ontario froze over as shown in this photo by Huw Jones

Dogs in the snow in Ontario: photo from Lina Moore

Lina Moore's dogs examine the aftermath of the blizzard in Ontario. If you have any pictures of the heavy snow, you can send them to yourpics@bbc.co.uk.

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