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In pictures: Abuja's contrasts

Gleaming new National Communications Commission headquarters in central Abuja

Nigeria's capital, Abuja, was built 30 years ago to let civil servants escape the congestion of Lagos - this is the new National Communications Commission headquarters.

Abuja flyover

Constructed with Nigeria's petrodollars, it is one of Africa's few purpose built cities...

Boy walks down dirt track

... But on the edge of town, many people live in extreme poverty - often the same civil servants who work in plush offices.

Cattle walking past luxury vehicle

In some places, rich and poor still live side by side.

Sign saying "No rubbish" on rubbish tip

But the strict town planning of the city's birth seems to have been forgotten, as thousands of people have flocked to Abuja, attracted by its gleaming image.

People selling water on waste ground

But Abuja life isn't all it seems - few people enjoy running water - instead they buy water in jerry cans in unhygienic surroundings.


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