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In pictures: Florida tornadoes

Tornado-damaged property in Florida

Deadly tornadoes have struck the US state of Florida, leaving chaos in their wake.

View of the destruction in the town of Lady Lake, Florida.

From the air the scale of the storms, which killed some 19 people, was easily visible.

A car destroyed by a tornado outside a house in The Villages, Florida

The severe winds picked up cars and uprooted trees, hurling them against homes.

A man picks up a number plate from the ground in Lady Lake, Florida

About 10,000 people were said to have been left without power by the storm, with much of the damage in Lady Lake County.

A man with an upturned bus in Lady Lake.

Many returned to find the homes and vehicles damaged, missing or simply blown over.

Residents stand amid rubble

Startled residents began the grim task of salvaging their belongings from the scattered ruins of their homes.

A woman holds her grandchild as she looks at the wreckage of her home

For some the discovery that their homes and belongings had been wiped out was too much to bear.

Two men carry water supplies

Those who could went to bring supplies of food and water back to their towns.

Firefighters search for survivors after a tornado in Florida

Florida's governor declared a state of emergency as rescue teams went to work, searching for survivors.

An aerial view of tornado damage in Florida

From the air, the scale of the damage is clear. The winds lifted roofs from houses and damaged power lines, leaving many without electricity.

A damaged house in Lady Lake, image sent in by Chris Haigh

At least 500 homes were reported to have been damaged, including this one in Lady Lake, north of Orlando, sent in by reader Chris Haigh.

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