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Abhilash's gallery

Construction work

Abhilash: "This is construction work for the new RDF school, Pai Junior College, that's being built right next to our present school. "

People carrying stones for the construction of the school

"These labourers work on the construction of the new Junior College. They are carrying the foundation stones for the guest house."

Students praying

"This is the assembly before class. We all gather in the yard for exercise and prayer. The kids were all chanting the Saraswathi Mantra. "

A woman doing the laundry in the river

"This is a laundry woman in the village. She was washing other people's clothes in the lake that is close to Kalleda."

Women harvesting rice

"These women are coolie workers. They were hired to remove the weeds from the paddy which is growing in this field."

Ancient temple

"This is an ancient temple. It is now being moved, stone by stone, and rebuilt at a new place near the Junior College. Money donated to the temple will help run the new college."

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