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Rani's gallery

A woman drying corn in the street

Rani: "A woman and her children were spreading the corn on the road to dry. It has to be dried out before it goes in the bags. "

Kids having dinner

"Kids from my village eating rice for lunch."

Bullock card

"This man was on his way to the field to load the cotton harvest."

An old man sitting on a doorstep

"This man was waiting for his buffalo to come back from the field. He wanted to milk it. "

Rani's mother

"My mum, Kethamma, was having her lunch at our home in Ravuru hamlet. "

Posters inside a pesticide's shop

"These are posters on the inside of the pesticide shop in Kalleda. Lord Krishna is the blue one next to the pictures of pesticide cans. "

A toddy tapper

"This toddy tapper owns this palm tree even though it is on someone else's farm. He leaves a pot in the tree to collect the sap, then the sap turns into toddy (palm wine). "

Women in traditional costumes

"Ravoor villagers going to the festival of Bathakamma. This is the most popular festival among Hindu women."

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