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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 January 2007, 12:52 GMT
Day in pictures

Hartali with her new-born baby in Patna

Hartali, a rhinoceros at Patna zoo in India, emerges with her new-born baby.

A cyclist crosses a snow-covered bridge in Freiburg

A boy cycles across a bridge in Freiburg, Germany, in the heavy snow which has swept across northern Europe.

Indian children search for coins in the flower-strewn River Ganges

Children in the Indian city of Allahabad search for coins offered by Hindu devotees to the waters of the Ganges during the 45-day Ardh Kumbh festival.

Afghan women outside the Kabul passport office

A group of Afghan women wait with their children outside the passport office in the capital, Kabul.

A heavily-laden street peddler waits for customers

A heavily-laden street peddler waits for customers in the city of Guangan in southwest China.

Street sweepers remove a concrete tube from a road in the Lebanese capital, Beirut

Street sweepers in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, clear up debris a day after a nationwide anti-government strike.

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