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In pictures: Boeing Dreamliner unveiled

Dreamliner surrounded by crowds

Huge crowds gathered at Boeing's assembly plant in Everett in Washington state, to see the first production model of the 787 Dreamliner make its public debut.

Crowds reflected in hull of Boeing 787 Dreamliner

There were no crash barriers to stop visitors and Boeing staff getting as close as they wanted to the 787, Boeing's first all-new aircraft for more than a decade.

Jim McNerney

Boeing chief executive Jim McNerney took the stage in front of thousands of Boeing employees and invited dignitaries to introduce his firm's latest aircraft.

Boeing employee and son

A Boeing employee makes sure his son gets as close as possible to the aircraft his father has worked on.

787 engine

Boeing is billing the Dreamliner as much more environmentally friendly than its competitors, with carbon fibre making up 50% of the fuselage and engines which burn less fuel.

Boeing staff and media members close to the undercarriage of the 787

There was little on the outside of the aircraft that visitors could not touch - although the inside has yet to be completed.

An artist's impression of how the Dreamliner will look in flight

Boeing has so far received 677 orders for its Dreamliner, the latest chapter in the rivalry between Boeing and Europe's Airbus to dominate the commercial jet market.

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