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Your pictures: Buildings

Damage in Guildford

BBC News website readers are sending in images of storm damage. Ian Goddard's friend took this of the emergency services dealing with damage in Walnut Tree Close, Guildford.

Car damaged by fallen wall

Alay Patel: "My pride and joy" - hit by a wall at his work car park in Twickenham.

Damaged shop

Oliver Bolton: "Damage to a second-hand shop in Great Yarmouth which was crushed by the Lord Roberts Pub roof coming down on it."

St Andrews Church Devizes, Wiltshire, with its window blown out

Richard Edwards: "The stained-glass window was blown in at St Andrews Church in Devizes, Wiltshire."

Blackpool town centre damaged by storms

Gordon: "I've been snapping away around Blackpool town centre with my camera."

Tree blocking road in Leeds

A bus driver from Leeds: "Luckily for me and my passengers, my brakes worked."

Shattered door at Canary Wharf

George Petrov: "A gust of wind sent this door into the glass wall behind, and blew it to pieces - Canary Wharf."


Richard Harding: "This is the wall on our house in Shalford near Guildford."

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