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In Pictures: England hit by wind and rain

Lorries on a flooded road at Tow Law in Couty Durham

England was hit by heavy rain and strong winds on Thursday. Trains, planes and ferries were cancelled, while these lorries in County Durham found themselves on flooded roads.

People and waves on the promenade in Blackpool

In the North West ferries to the Isle of Man were disrupted and waves were crashing up on to promenades as seen here in Blackpool.

Waves crash up on to the seafront in Brighton

Brighton was another resort where huge waves were crashing up on to the beach.

Tree under a fallen tree at Embankment in London

Further inland winds were still at gale force. This car was hit by a falling tree on the Embankment alongside the River Thames in London.

Tree blown down by school in Bristol

A tree was blown down by Colston's School in Cotham Grove in Bristol.

Waves crash up on to the ahore at Dover

Ferries from Dover to Calais, Dunkirk and Boulogne were cancelled as the rough waters made it too unsafe to set out to sea.

Passengers waiting for news of delayed trains at Euston station

Many train services were cancelled or delayed all over England. These passengers were left waiting for news of their trains at Euston station in London.

Workmen clear a tree off train lines at Sutton Coldfield

One of the causes of delays on the rail network was falling trees. Here workmen clear a tree which had blown onto the line between Birmingham and Lichfield at Sutton Coldfield.

House damaged by winds in King's Lynn, Norfolk

Many buildings were damaged by high winds. The end of this house in King's Lynn, Norfolk, collapsed in the gales.

High winds at Mudeford in Dorset, picture by Barrie Taylor

This picture of high winds at Mudeford in Dorset early on Thursday morning was sent in by reader Barrie Taylor.

Car crashed off road in snow at Tow Law, County Durham

It was not just wind and rain which caused problems - snow at Tow Law in County Durham caused this car to crash off the side of the road.

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