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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 July 2007, 04:36 GMT 05:36 UK
In pictures: Olympic joy and agony

Supporters of Sochi's bid before the vote in Guatemala

As IOC delegates in Guatemala cast their votes, it was a nervous time for supporters of the candidate cities like Sochi.

Austria flags on the ground

Salzburg's hopes died in the first round, as the Austrian city was eliminated.

Children in Pyeongchang

Children were among the crowds waiting to hear the result in the South Korean town of Pyeongchang.

Children in Pyeongchang

When the vote went in favour of Sochi, the Koreans were distraught.

Couple in Pyeongchang

Not only children wept in Pyeongchang.

Crowds in Sochi

But in the Russian town of Sochi, the news from Guatemala brought an explosion of joy.

Crowds in Sochi

Crowds in the Black Sea resort celebrated all night.

Man n Pyeongchang

But in Pyeongchang, some people preferred to reflect alone on what might have been.

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