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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 July 2007, 17:47 GMT 18:47 UK
More of your weather pictures

Hailstorm in London. Copyright Anthony Beck

For a brief period this afternoon, parts of South London were deluged by a freak hailstorm. You have been sending us your pictures. Photo: Anthony Beck, Fulham.

Hailstorm in London. Copyright Amanda Ellis

Amanda Ellis, Clapham: "Thunder, lightning, then suddenly a hailstorm!"

Hailstorm in Streatham Hill. Copyright Quinton J Smith

Quinton J Smith: "Streatham Hill at just after 5pm today"

Hailstorm in Eltham. Copyright Phil Reed

"A British Summertime in Eltham" - Phil Reed

Hailstorm in Battersea. Copyright Olivia Young

Olivia Young in Battersea: "The storm lasted 20minutes or so and the sky was so dark, like being in the eye of a tornado."

Hailstorm in Battersea. Copyright Olivia Young

"Really large pieces of hail the size of 20 pence pieces tore through the sky" - Olivia Young, Battersea

Hailstorm in Parsons Green. Copyright Diederic Cook

Diederic Cook, Parsons Green: "Thunder, lightning and the most incredible hailstorm I have ever seen."

Hail storm in south London: copywrite Ewa S-R.

A coffee shop in Fulham Broadway provided shelter for many during the storm.

Cars struggling through water and ice: Photo from Maria Jenkins.

Cars had to struggle with flood water and floating ice in Fulham, Maria Jenkins took this picture.

Shamrock Street in Clapham. Copyright John Ellis

July in Shamrock Street, Clapham. From John Ellis.

A rainbow pictured following the hail stom. Copywrite Justin Bedford.

Justin Bedford sent us this picture of the calm after the storm. Send your pictures to yourpics@bbc.co.uk. See terms and conditions on the top right hand side.

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