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In pictures: Azeri radar station

Gabala radar station, Azerbaijan

The Gabala radar station is two imposing buildings nestling in the hills of Northern Azerbaijan. One building transmits radar signals and the other effectively works as an antenna.

Control centre of Gabala radar station, Azerbaijan

The equipment in the station's control centre looks like something from the 1970s. But the Russian military says it does the job.

Transmission unit, Gabala radar station, Azerbaijan

At the transmission unit, all these metal blocks are antenna modules. Although they look ancient, the BBC was told that with "political will" the station could be modernised.

Maj Gen Alexander Yakushin from the Central Command

The BBC's guide at the station was Maj Gen Alexander Yakushin from the Central Command of Russian Space Troops. He admitted Gabala's radar was unable to guide interceptor missiles.

Counter-intelligence officers

Journalists visiting the base were accompanied by counter-intelligence officers.

Russian minders spent filming journalists

Russian minders spent most of their time filming journalists. The BBC was told its tapes would be "examined" after the visit. It never happened.

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