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Your pictures of the last night of smoking

Last Night of Smoking

When the Magazine asked readers to send in pictures of the last night of smoking, you responded with a cough and splutter of enthusiasm...

Ashtray with flyer warning of the ban visible

Megan van Dyck sent this picture of a Manchester pub preparing for the ban.


Jemma Fielding and Nicola Robinson grab a last puff at the Hollywood Bowl, Ashton-under-Lyne.


Sian and Chris (left), in the Holy Drinker in Battersea; Paul Grier (right) was one of 20 to mark the ban at the Savage Club, London.

Tessa Hewson smoking an oversized cigarette

Alice Brash sent this picture of her friend Tessa smoking an enormous cigarette in Whitechapel.

Bird in Hand

Chris Mercer and his partner, Sandra Antrobus (inset) having a last smoke at the Bird in Hand pub, Palmers Green, London.


Karl, an "avid runner" and normally a non-smoker having a final puff, writes Richie Jones.

Ciaran Wilson and friend smoking cigars

Ciaran Wilson sent this picture of his friends at a "Get some fags" party in Hackney, London.

Steve Martin and friend blowing smoke rings

The lads blowing their final smoke rings in Grafton House, Clapham. Picture sent in by Steve Martin.

Ben Dowrick and friends smoking in Brighton.

Ben Dowrick and his friends enjoy their final cigars of the evening.


Lights out... something your average pub worker probably won't miss is emptying the ashtrays. Picture taken by Lisa, in York


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