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In pictures: Car bombs found


The police activity centred on Haymarket, near Piccadilly Circus, throughout the morning. Bomb disposal experts disabled a car bomb in a Mercedes at 0200 BST.

Haymarket, 0200 BST, submitted by 'Wayne'

Website reader 'Wayne' saw a fireman looking into the car just before 0200 BST before calling for more help. Haymarket was then cordoned off very quickly, he added.

Haymarket in central London

Forensic officers examined Haymarket and the green Mercedes car was later removed for further examination. It was taken to a maximum security laboratory in Kent.

Car removed by police

The examination of the Haymarket car will take some time, say police. CCTV evidence will play a key part in the investigation.

Lower Regent Street, looking towards Haymarket

The streets were eerily quiet after police sealed off the Haymarket area. But DAC Peter Clarke said the area would have been very busy at 0200 BST.

Panton St, near Leicester Square, submitted by Sonja Bakkes

Sonja Bakkes, who works in the Haymarket area, said people remained calm in response to the disruption. "No one's overly excited," she said.

Haymarket, submitted by Alan Bassett

Alan Bassett lives in a flat in Haymarket and walked out into the evacuated site. Police said there could have been "significant" loss of life had the bomb gone off.

Haymarket in central London

Police say Haymarket is likely to remain closed for some time and severe travel disruption is predicted. Piccadilly Circus Tube station later reopened.

Trocadero, central London

Scotland Yard said detectives from Counter Terrorism Command were investigating. Police later said nails, petrol and gas were found in the first car.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith chaired a meeting of the government's emergency response committee, in her first full day in the job. She urged the public to be vigilant.

Police in Park Lane

Later police closed Park Lane after reports of another suspicious Mercedes. The road reopened at 1930 BST. Police said later the car had also contained a bomb.

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