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Last Updated: Friday, 29 June 2007, 10:47 GMT 11:47 UK
In pictures: Pakistan floods

Flooding in Turbat district

Up to one million people have been hit by flooding in Pakistan's Balochistan province, officials say.

Infrastructure damage in Turbat

The district of Turbat is one of the worst affected areas, with roads washed away.

Helicopter rescue

The military have managed to rescue some people. But very little emergency aid is getting through.

Homeless people take shelter in a school

Cement brick schools and mosques that have withstood the waters are being used for shelter.

Animal carcasses

The stench of rotting carcasses is everywhere

Submerged mosque

A submerged mosque. The flood waters have contaminated water supplies and electricity supplies are badly affected.


Protesters in Turbat want to know why, after four days, so little help has arrived.

Police use tear gas to disperse demonstrators in central Turbat.

Police used tear gas to disperse demonstrators in central Turbat.

Auto-rickshaw drives in Lahore

The flooding is causing chaos elsewhere in Pakistan. Here Lahore auto-rickshaw drivers battle with the waters.


Lahore children find new ways to cross the street.

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