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Nepal images raise money for charity

Lt Col Ade Clewlow

A British Army Officer has received an MBE for charity work on behalf of Gurkha veterans in Nepal. Lt Col Ade Clewlow sold his photos of Nepal to raise money for children in India.

Bishara Gubuja

Lt Col Clewlow visited a number of Gurkha ex-servicemen from the World War II. He met Bishara Gubuja, whose ex-army husband is now in his mid-80s but still cuts wood every day.

Boy sells flutes in Bhaktapur

On a sweltering day in Bhaktapur, most sensible people hide under the shade. Business is tough for this boy trying to sell wooden flutes.

Pottery Square, Bhaktapur.

At one side of the square in Bhaktapur, gathered around a small temple, a religious ceremony takes place. There are lots of people, and the concentration of the performers is striking.

Dilbahadur Gurung with his wife, Parbati and their grandson, Sudeep

While inspecting a school that had been built with money raised in the UK, Lt Col Clewlow met this ex-British Gurkha who invited him into his house to have a drink.

Boy on roof in Mahabir village

This boy sat fearlessly on the slate roof of a house, unperturbed by the drop on the other side of several hundred metres to a river at the foot of a gorge.

Durbar Square, Kathmandu

A sadhu [holy man] offers prayers in Kathmandu. "He had quite a presence about him," Lt Col Clewlow said, "and carries a small pot over his right arm to receive rice and money."

Gurkha schoolchildren

School children in Nepal get only one day off a week on Saturday, so leisure time is much valued. Many rural classrooms were destroyed in Nepal's recent civil war.

Manu Pun  and his wife in Nagi

Manu Pun is an Indian Army welfare pensioner who served in WWII. It took a six-hour trek to get to the farmhouse home he shares with his wife.

Durbar Square, Kathmandu

"I noticed a passage adjoining Durbar Square in Kathmandu and followed my instincts," Lt Col Clewlow said. "Inside was a religious ceremony going on in a tiny open-air quadrangle."

Children running in Ghandruk

Lt Col Clewlow is not a professional photographer. "But in such a visually attractive country as Nepal, the opportunities to take good photos are endless," he says.


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