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Your pictures: Housing for troops


Readers are continuing to send us pictures of poor housing for troops. Gary Durban sent in this picture taken in his family's living quarters in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

Peeling ceiling paper

On top of mildew and exposed cables, the ceiling is in a state of disrepair.

Dirty bath

Jennifer James said her son, a young soldier, complained of the smell, leaking toilets and puddles indoors at his barracks.

Bungalow in Terendak Camp, Malaya

Dickie Dawes served in the Army from 1961-1983. He says he lived in decent soldier's quarters everywhere he was posted. This is a picture of his bungalow in Terendak Camp, Malaya.

Damaged bathroom

One senior NCO said his bathroom was left in this state for almost a year and he was without heating for seven years.

Blocked urinals

At a barracks in the Oxford area, urinals are blocked, some showers are not working and all lack curtains for privacy.

Rubbish overspill

Stacey Buckley sent in this picture of rubbish piling up at an Army married quarters in London over the course of a week.

A house within an estate that is occupied by all ranks

Stephen Cowley is a serving Warrant Officer. He sent us this picture of his house to illustrate that there have been vast improvements in some Army accommodation.

Inside barracks

There are eight soldiers to a room at Elizabeth Barracks in Pirbright, Surrey.


Soldier Mike Thomas's loft has been without insulation for a year despite him having a young child.

RAF billet

Terry Williamson, from Leicester, sent in this picture to contrast today's standards with the "austere, but warm, comfy and clean" conditions of an RAF billet in 1954.

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