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In pictures: Louise Bourgeois

Spider 1997

French-born artist Louise Bourgeois exhibits at Tate Modern this autumn. It is the first major exhibition of her work in the UK, much of the which has not been seen here before.

Seven in Bed 2001

Bourgeois, born in Paris in 1911, has been influenced by several movements over the years, including surrealism and conceptual art, but her work has always remained unique.

The Destruction of the Father 1974

Bourgeois' seminal work, The Destruction of the Father, represents a dinner table headed by a tyrannical father whose terrified family are driven to attack him.

Cell (Eyes and Mirrors) 1989-93

The exhibition, which will include over 200 Bourgeois works, opens on 11 October and runs until 20 January.

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