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In pictures: Stonehenge solstice

Druids standing with linked hands

More than 24,000 people gathered at Stonehenge this year to celebrate the summer solstice.

A girl hula hoops within the stones

Participants include druids, hedonists and hippies and each celebrates the event in his or her own way.

Dancing and drumming at the stones

The party begins the night before and goes on well into the morning.

Celebrants greet each other

The event is also a chance for friends and like-minded people to meet and catch up.

Some visitors shelter amongst the stones

The 5,000-year old site is in the race to become one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Sunrise over Stonehenge

Dawn broke at 0458 BST on 21 June, marking the longest day of the year.

Sunrise over Stonehenge

The cloudy conditions meant the sunrise was not as spectacular as it has been in some previous years.

Drumming is a tradition of the event

The sunrise is often accompanied by whooping and cheering and drumming.

Revellers watch the sun rise

English Heritage said there were about 4,000 more visitors than they had predicted.

A visitor catches up on sleep while hoards of visitors leave the site

After the solstice, some of the celebrants were heading off to the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset.

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