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In pictures: Tornado hits London

Jack Wallington sent in this picture

Just before the tornado, the sky went from sunny to dark. From Jack Wallington, in Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Paul Da Silva sent in this image

Rooftops were ripped off and cars were badly damaged as a tornado hit north London. Paul Da Silva sent in this image of the tornado's impact.

This was sent in by Helen White

Helen White sent us this image of storm damage.

Joe C sent in this image

The worst hit homes had their roofs ripped apart and off. Photo: Joe C

Photo sent in by Benedick J Clarke

The tornado uprooted trees and threw them across the streets. Benedick J Clarke took this at 1.30pm, Thursday afternoon.

Photo sent in by Julian Vaccari

And what the tornado missed, falling wreckage hit. Photo sent in by Julian Vaccari.

Photo: Jamie Newall

Jamie Newall, NW6: "We lost a lot of slates and our chimney stack just stopped short of going through the roof! No injuries, but several thousands pounds of repairs."

Jeremy Travis took this picture

Jeremy Travis: "I live in Kensal Rise and was at home when the tornado struck. It was an astonishing event."

Sent in by Ian Carter

An empty pushchair amid the wreckage in West London. Photo sent in by Ian Carter.

Photo: Paul Davey

Workers dismantle scaffolding blown over in the freak tornado that struck Kensal Rise today. Photo by Paul Davey.

Photo taken by Bilmal Patel

Bilmal Patel, Kensal Rise resident: "Our house seemed to miss most of the damage, but our garden is ruined. And we have a trampoline on top of our small shed!"

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