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In pictures: Beatles stamps

The first class stamp for Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Royal Mail is to issue a special set of six stamps in the UK next month, featuring album covers from the Beatles.

The 64p stamp for Abbey Road

The famous image of the "Fab Four" crossing Abbey Road in London is one of the six sleeves being reproduced.

The first class stamp for With the Beatles

The stamp featuring the cover of With the Beatles - their second album, from 1963 - will be sold for 32p.

The 64p stamp for Help!

The sleeves which have been chosen span the band's career, and include Help!, a number one album in 1965.

The 72p stamp for Revolver

As well as this set, the Royal Mail plans stamps in 2007 on British inventions, Army uniforms and TV's The Sky at Night.

The 72p stamp for Let it Be

The collection of six Beatles stamps will be available at Post Offices across the UK from Tuesday 9 January.

Beatles covers to be on UK stamps
28 Dec 06 |  Entertainment

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