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In pictures: Boxing Day Hunt

Badminton House with hunt

Traditional Boxing Day hunts took place all over the UK, with supporters claiming 320,000 people taking part.

Hunt member and foxhounds

Despite a ban on hunting with dogs since 2005, hunts are still allowed to use dogs to locate foxes, which can be shot or killed by a bird of prey.

Member of the Beaufort Hunt

The Beaufort Hunt, based at Worcester Lodge, is one of the largest hunts in the UK and attracted more than 2,000 supporters.

Hunt supporter with son at Beaufort Hunt

Hunt supporters include rural lobby group the Countryside Alliance, who say Mr Blair's law is "unenforceable".

Man in Santa suit at Tarporley, Cheshire

Hunts also took part in Cheshire, where one hunt member turned up in a Santa suit. Supporters say the hunt is a rural tradition.

Close up shot of foxhounds

Opponents of hunting say the practice is "selfish and outdated entertainment" and are pressing for transgressors to be punished

Member of hunt drinks toast

Members of the Avon Vale Hunt near Bristol also rode. Supporters say the strength of support show hunting is not old-fashioned.

Boxing Day Hunt in Tarporley, Cheshire

Boxing Day saw 314 hunts take to the fields. The League Against Cruel Sports said its members were also out in force.

Police monitoring hunt in Lacock

Police monitored the hunts, making sure those taking part were not breaking the law.

Young Beaufort Hunt supporter

The Conservatives have said they will overturn a ban on hunting with dogs.

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