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In pictures: Living on the Moon

People watch the Moon from near Athens, summer 2006

Mankind has been imagining life on the Moon since time immemorial. As Nasa reveals plans for a lunar base, BBC News here looks at some artists' impressions of lunar colonisation.

Artist's impression of a lunar city

A 1934 illustration for The Moon Pirates, a sci-fi novel by Neil R Jones, depicts a New York-like city on the Moon but enclosed by a giant protective dome.

Artist's impression of a lunar gold mine

This sketch from 1895 shows a gold mine in operation on the Moon, tapping into fabulous resources.

Artist's impression of a lunar city

More contemporary visions also feature skyscrapers but with their own protective seals against the lack of atmosphere.

Artist's impression of a lunar settlement

This artist's impression shows a manned base with a driver tube for firing cargo back to Earth.

Artist's impression of a lunar settlement

Common to all visions of life on the Moon are protective suits and darkness because of the extreme conditions.

Artist's impression of a lunar settlement

More modern depictions show people living in capsule-like habitation units.

Model of a Soviet Moon base.

The Soviet space programme envisaged a habitation sphere buried in the Moon's surface (photo: Anatoly Zak/RussianSpaceWeb.com).

Nasa impression of a lunar settlement

Nasa's own computer-generated visions for its first settlement show simple structures and sturdy machines.

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