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In pictures: Beirut protest camp

Opposition protesters wave flags

Opposition supporters gathered for a second day on Saturday in central Beirut.

Opposition protest camp in central Beirut

Anti-government protesters have promised to remain outside Prime Minister Fouad Siniora's office until he resigns.

Lebanese army in central Beirut

The Lebanese army has thrown a ring of barbed wire and soldiers around the prime minister's office.

UK Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett (l) meets Lebanese PM Fouad Siniora (r)

The prime minister (far right) met UK Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett (far left). Mr Siniora said he would not be forced from office by mass protests.

Opposition supporters wave Hezbollah and Lebanese flags

Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah organised the protests to try to force the government to step down.

Prayers at the protest camp

Shia Muslim supporters of Hezbollah take a few minutes to pray during the protests.

Supporters of Christian opposition leader Michel Aoun set up a tent

Hezbollah supporters have been joined by allies from Michel Aoun's Christian party.

Protest campers relax in front of tent

These campers are settling in for a long stay in front of the prime minister's office.

Youthful opposition supporter

The anti-government protesters say they are from all communities across Lebanon.

Protesters set up camp in Beirut
02 Dec 06 |  Middle East

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