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In pictures: Nigeria's royal welcome

Prince Charles arriving at a durbar in Kano, northern Nigeria

Nigeria's northern emirs gave Prince Charles a royal welcome on his tour of the West African country this week. Here he arrives at the palace of the Emir of Kano (4th from right).

Horsemen at a durbar in Kano, northern Nigeria

A durbar - a traditional parade performed by galloping horsemen during Muslim festivals or on special occasions - was then performed for the Prince of Wales.

People participating in a durbar festival in Kano, northern Nigeria

Over 45 minutes, the emir and his guest sat on a balcony at the front of the palace and watched the hundreds of riders participating in the event, AFP news agency reported.

Two horsemen in a scene from a durbar in Kano, northern Nigeria

Many riders rode richly decorated horses to the sounds of drums. The parade culminated with riders coming to a halt at the foot of the balcony to the cheers of the spectators.

Prince Charles is presented with a horse at a durbar in Kano, northern Nigeria

During his visit to the palace, the Prince of Wales was presented with a horse from Emir Alhaji Ado Bayero.

Men in traditional dress at the Emir's palace in Kano, northern Nigeria

Hundreds of courtiers attended Wednesday's festivities at the Kano palace dressed in colourful robes and turbans.

Personal bodyguards to the Emir of Zazzau in northern Nigeria

The next day, Prince Charles travelled to Zaria to pay a visit to the court of the Emir of Zazzau, Shehu Idris, whose personal bodyguards have a special uniform.

Jester to the Emir of Zazzau in northern Nigeria

The Prince of Wales was welcomed by drummers and trumpeters and the emir's court jester (pictured).

Prince Charles talking to the Emir of Zazzau in northern Nigeria

Amidst the celebrations, the prince found time to sit down for a chat with his host.


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