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In pictures: Dutch bet on Kyoto

State Secretary Pieter van Geel meets some of the kids of Almere who beat him in The Bet (photo: Friends of the Earth Netherlands)

Dutch environment minister Pieter van Geel came to Almere for the announcement of the Bet's result.

A copy of the Bet contract on a pillar in the school common room

Conceding defeat, he presented a cheque for 2,000 euros, honouring a contract made with the kids back in October.

The wind turbines at Helen Parkhurst School

The money will help in buying a display panel to monitor energy produced by the school's new rooftop wind turbines.

Saraya Ganzeules, 16

Schoolgirl Saraya Ganzeules, 16, helped persuade Almere businesses to back the Bet by making energy savings.

Ivar Geel, 15

Ivar Geel, 15, persuaded his family to don sweaters and turn off the heating at home for the four weeks of The Bet.

Lindsay Reiche, 14

As a result of The Bet, five-minute showers are now the rule in the home of Lindsay Reiche, 14.

Valerie Buijs, 15

Valerie Buijs, 15, believes that everybody on the planet must do their bit to save energy.

Maikel Breedveld, 15,

The family of Maikel Breedveld, 15, hardly ever uses its car other than for commuting, and they largely shop by bike.

Johanna Westenbroek, 13

Johanna Westenbroek, 13, helped make a green paper hat featuring a light-bulb for promoting The Bet...

School environmental officer Horst van Woersem in the Bet hat

...and here is the hat itself, sported by school environmental officer Horst van Woersem, who motivated the kids.

Grietje Holleman of Friends of the Earth Netherlands' youth wing, Jongeren Milieu Actief

The Bet's arbiter, Grietje Holleman of Friends of the Earth, says it teaches the young about climate problems.

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