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Africa in pictures: Sporting action

Children playing football in Mozambique ((Sent in by BBC News website reader Josee Koch)

Josee Koch's photo of children playing football in Mozambique is the first of a series of pictures of sport in Africa sent in by BBC News website readers.

Football pitch in Ghana's Mole National Park  (Sent in by BBC News website reader Chelsea Bergesen)

These goal posts have been erected in Ghana's Mole National Park for children to play football in this picture taken by Chelsea Bergesen.

Great Ethiopian Run in Addis Ababa (Sent in by BBC News website reader Jeromy Cheatham)

Jeromy Cheatham photographed these participants in the Great Ethiopian Run where relay runners dressed in white started a 325km journey to carry a world harmony torch.

Rally car in Kenya's capital, Nairobi (Sent in by BBC News website reader Mwangi Kirubi)

Local rallies have become a magnet for thousands of Kenyan rally enthusiasts says Mwangi Kirubi who captured this Mitsubishi Lancer at a rally in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

A Tanzanian man takes aim with his arrow (Sent in by BBC News website reader Peggy Rehm)

Tanzanians prove their archery skills by shooting at small cacti in Peggy Rehm's picture.

Tag rugby being played in Uganda (Sent in by BBC News website reader Kerensa Biggs)

Children in rural Uganda play tag rugby - a form of the game which does not allow tackling - in this photograph taken by Kerensa Biggs.

A Sprinbok fan (Sent in by BBC News website reader Etienne van Straaten)

From South Africa, Etienne van Straaten says only an ardent Sprinkbok rugby fan would don this outfit on a chilly winter's day in Pretoria.

Women play beach volleyball (Sent in by BBC News website reader Samson Opus)

Samson Opus sent in this shot of volleyball players enjoying a game at Lido beach along the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebee, near the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

Ethiopians play table tennis (Sent in by BBC News website reader Tara Bamford)

Young men play table tennis on the side of the road in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, where Tara Bamford says the loser of every game must pay the table owner 10 US cents.

Ugandan football fans at a stadium in Kampala (Sent in by BBC News website reader Kristen Jablonski)

In Uganda, Kristen Jablonski snapped these excited fans at a football match at Kampala's Namboole Stadium.

Senegalese boys playing football, one wearing a Ronaldinho shirt. (Sent in by BBC News website reader Siavash Laghai)

A Senegalese boy sports the Barcelona shirt of Ronaldinho, the great Brazilian footballer, in Siavash Laghai's picture. For a future gallery, please send in images of farming in Africa.


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