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Your pictures: Africa 2006

South African school children on their lunch break [Pic: Marion Edwards]

Throughout the year, BBC News website readers have been sending in their pictures of life in Africa. Marion Edwards took this photo of schoolchildren in Soweto.

The bride in orange arrives to welcome the guests, accompanied by her sister. [Pic: Dozie Okpalaobieri]

This is one of the pictures that Dozie Okpalaobieri sent in of a traditional Igbo wedding in eastern Nigeria. After kola nuts are presented, the bride (c) makes her first appearance.

Man lying under a sun umbrella on a beach in The Gambia [Pic: Charles Onyeama]

In response to a request for photographs depicting relaxation, Charles Onyeama sent in this snap of a man sleeping on a hot Friday afternoon on Fajara Beach in The Gambia.

Ethiopian boys playing table football [Pic: Yiannis Neophytou]

And Yiannis Neophytou's photograph of boys in Ethiopia enjoying a game of table football was in response to a plea for snaps of children playing.

The Fiat Tagliero Building in Asmara, Eritrea [Pic: Tanya Spronk]

While Tanya Spronk said Eritrea's capital has some of the most beautiful art deco architecture. Pictured here is the Fiat Tagliero aeroplane-shaped petrol station.

Children playing with a home-made toy car [Pic: Eddie Mackle]

Eddie Mackle sent this picture from Uganda of children playing with a home-made toy car - made from a plastic bottle and a cut up flip-flop.

Jane Wambui Wanjiku's plaited hairstyle

After a debate on African beauty and style, Jane Wambui Wanjiku emailed this photo in saying: "If one talks of African beauty, then hairstyles are the one thing that go undisputed."

A Malawian woman working in a bakery [Pic: Shiang Pei Kuo]

In this photograph, Shiang Pei Kuo captured a woman on the island of Likoma in Lake Malawi spreading butter on rolls just out of the oven at a bakery.

Baobab trees in Morondava, Madagascar [Pic: Sandra Ten Zijhoff]

Sandra Ten Zijhoff took this picture of the Avenue of the Baobabs at sunset in Morondava, Madagascar. The trees attract many tourists to the small town.

Wagenia fisherman in Kisangani, the Democratic Republic of Congo, sent in by BBC News website reader Myoto Liyolo

Myoto Liyolo's photo of Congolese fisherman lowering baskets into roaring waters was part of a series of shots showing people at work in Africa.

Swaziland's Reed Dance ceremony [Pic: Josee Koch]

For a celebration themed picture gallery, Josee Koch's image captures the spirit of Swaziland's Reed Dance - the country's annual event to celebrate Swazi womanhood.


Girl hanging out cloth to dry in Mali, West Africa [Photo: Barry Perks] Your take
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