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In pictures: Iraq funerals

Funeral procession in the holy city of Kerbala

In Baghdad and in Iraq's holy Shia cities, thousands have taken to the streets to mourn and bury more than 200 people killed in attacks in the capital.

Mourners with a coffin in Najaf

Although the attacks happened in Baghdad, many victims were taken to the holy cities of Najaf or Karbala for burial.

A man grieves over a coffin in Baghdad

The death toll in Thursday's attacks was the highest in a single day since the US-led invasion of 2003.

Funeral procession in Sadr City

In Sadr City, scene of the carnage, the streets were filled with funeral processions.

A mourner weeps during a funeral procession

A stream of cars carried bodies to their resting place, each followed by shocked, disbelieving crowds.

A mourner in Baghdad

For many, tears of grief mixed with cries of rage and anger.

Woman with the ID cards of relatives killed in Baghdad

Others clutched mementoes of their loved ones as they headed out of Baghdad to traditional burial sites.

Security forces at checkpoint in Baghdad

As the funerals began, security forces in Baghdad were deployed to police a 24-hour curfew. The checkpoint message was simple: "Stay back".

Baghdad Shias mourn bomb victims
24 Nov 06 |  Middle East

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