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In pictures: Gemayel mourned

Lebanese mourners carry the coffin of assassinated Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel (portrait) through the Gemayels' hometown Bikfaya, in the mountains north-east of Beirut

Hundreds of people carried the coffin of the assassinated Lebanese Christian leader Pierre Gemayel to his birthplace of Bikfaya, east of Beirut.

Former Lebanese president Amin Gemayel (L), father, and Patricia Daif, the murdered minister's wife, walk in front his coffin

Distraught family members - father and former President Amin Gemayel, and his wife Patricia Daif - joined the procession.

Nicole, Gemayel's sister, mourns over his coffin at their hometown of Bikfaya.

Nicole, Pierre Gemayel's sister, was also visibly distressed as she wept over the coffin.

Communication Minister Marwan Hamadeh (C) comforts Joyce Tayan, mother of assassinated Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel, as her younger son Sami stands next to them.

At their Bikfaya home, Gemayel's mother, Joyce, and younger brother, Sami, received condolences.

Lebanese mourners throw rice and rose petals from their balconies as the coffin passes through his hometown

Mourners in the town threw rice and rose petals from their balconies as the coffin passed through.

A mourner lights a candle at a vigil held at the scene where anti-Syrian Christian politician Pierre Gemayel was assassinated in eastern Beirut

News of the assassination sent supporters out on an overnight vigil.

A Lebanese policeman from the forensic team takes video footage of the car

The assassination happened in the middle of a political crisis in Lebanon.

An anti-Syrian protester tries to calm another protester who breaks the logo of the Syrian Social National Party, a pro-Syrian leftist party, in reaction to the assassination.

With Syria being blamed for the murder, supporters took their revenge on everything Syrian - in this case taking down the logo of the pro-Syrian Social National Party.

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