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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 November 2006, 18:53 GMT
In pictures: Gemayel killing

The side window of Pierre Gemayel's car, riddled with bullets (television grab)

A leading anti-Syrian Lebanese politician, Pierre Gemayel, has been assassinated in Beirut.

A side view of the car, showing bullets marks (television grab)

The attack took place in the mainly Christian suburb of Sin el-Fil, a political stronghold of Mr Gemayel.

The bloody seats inside the car (television grab)

Blood stained the seats of Mr Gemayel's car. He died of gunshot wounds in hospital.

Lebanese troops on the streets near the scene of the attack (television grab)

Troops poured into the streets after the latest in a series of attacks targeting anti-Syrian politicians in the country.

Supporters shout and wave pictures of Mr Gemayel

News of the attack left his supporters angry and upset, with many gathering at the hospital where Mr Gemayel was pronounced dead.

A man is held back as he tries to attack a Syrian taxi driver

There were angry scenes on the streets, where suspicions of Syrian involvement led some to attack symbols of Damascus, including taxi drivers.

Angry Pierre Gemayel supporters burn a rubbish bin in Beirut

Others simply took out their frustrations any way they could.

Gathering evidence from Pierre Gemayel's car

As night fell, police began gathering evidence at the scene of the attack.

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